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Real Estate Success Path™

A one-of-a-kind real estate course that guides you through the 7 components off a successful real estate business framework and helps you focus on  designing your ideal business.

Mastermind Monthly

Supplemental Learning Program for Real Estate Success Path alumni designed to provide ongoing clarity and support throughout the implementation process.

LIVE Events

Specially crafted experiences that set the stage for Prospector Coaching members to network and collaborate with one another at exciting destinations around the country.  

About Prospector Coaching

Prospector Coaching is founded on my years of working with clients, building teams and learning what it takes to become a leader.  My desire is to help others achieve more personal fulfillment by becoming their best version of themselves! 

                    - John Mikesh


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The Real Estate Success Path™

A course like no other in the real estate industry. Designed to guide you through the 7 components of a successful real estate business and give you the clarity you need to create your ideal real estate company.


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